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Realtime Unusual Options Activity and Social Chatter Dashboards

Use real-time data analytics to get ahead of the market and know right away when big option play are underway

The Realtime options dashboard shows the order flow and unusual activity.

Identify what’s buzzing on news each day realtime to quickly identify news catalysts of more than 60+ sources

Without reading news, identify news trends and sentiment quickly either the reported news is positive/negative/neutral bias.

For momentum traders: Identify within minutes what’s buzzing on Wallstreetbets

Find News from Various Stock, Countries, News sources and search by keyword to filter through news

Quick recap of key events or read through news and sentiment realtime

“A Case Study on how News Volume and sentiment helped BNTX move and gain 110%”

A Case Study on BNTX

“A Case Study on C3.ai IPO and how to trade using News sentiment ”

A Case Study on C3.ai